welcome to my blog, fucker


hi, I'm jordyn and I'm 17.I live in wisconsin

I have amazing taste in musicI'm 5 feet tall

touch my butt, ill love uask me questions plz

ask for my kik

snapchat me: catsandjesus666 NO DICK PICS YOU SICK FUCKS

Instagram: jordynfarris plz

partyprofessor6 asked: hahaha do you really like your butt getting touched?

Yes it’s wonderful

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Re-blog if you’re accepting anonymous asks from anyone about anything

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tamilynnlovesyou asked: Hi. Can u kik me. tamilynn1988

Idont give my kik out. My snapchats in my bio

vanishingdragon123 asked: What's your kik?

I don’t kik people who have perverted blogs. Sorry. Not into that.

myswagupthere asked: snapchat me Premere

I don’t snapchat pervs

Snapcjat me catsandjesus666

j-nathann asked: :( What's wrong?

The squirrel ate my last slice of pizza

gerald024 asked: hey whats wrong?

My butt plugs stuck


people that are in relationships but still flirt with you anyway


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Wow im actually wearing heels, im like 5’4” now haha

Send me a letter saying why you followed me



A - Thirst followed

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I have every symptom of kidney failure. Im scared.

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this happened

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